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Will this be New Brunswick’s Flint Michigan water crisis?

Photo by Dan Gold

Canada is not the kind and friendly place you see depicted in the media.

While undoubtedly more polite (and often more open-minded) than its neighbo(u)r to the south, Canada has a long history of human rights abuses it would rather the world never hear about:

  • Canada is currently in violation…

Selfishness requires proportionate responsibility

Photo by National Cancer Institute

Up to 90% of Covid hospitalizations and deaths are people who still aren’t fully vaccinated.


We’ve had vaccines for 250 years. We know they work.

We’ve had this vaccine for nearly a year now. And we know this vaccine works. More than four billion people have received their first…

We need to talk openly about the pandemic behind the pandemic

A man kisses a marble statue
Photo by cottonbro

America’s mental health crisis is far from over.

In fact, it’s probably just beginning.

After all, we’re dealing with:

  • Nearly two years of social isolation.
  • Skyrocketing food and fuel prices.
  • Unaffordable shelter costs in every state in the nation.
  • Crushing student debt, medical debt, consumer debt, mortgage debt, and government…

Plus baby updates and 22 predictions for 2022

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Image by author

Baby Concord is now rolling over on his own… and sleeping through the night!

(He’s also “reading” books to Mommy in a rather monk-ish monotone voice.)

Hopefully, he can avoid reading Jared A. Brock’s articles until he’s at least seven, enjoying his blissful state of ignorance while Surviving Tomorrow’s 16,400+…

We need to count the true cost of this earth-wrecking company

Close-up of an iPhone with three camera lenses.
Photo by Torsten Dettlaff

Apple isn’t like Tesla.

Tesla is a story stock — a meme dream factory that trades on delusions and the greed of young speculators, run by the biggest tax grifter in American history, sure to lose its speculators a trillion dollars when it becomes another Peleton.

Apple is a real…

And why we need to stop drinking Heineken ASAP

The “Surviving Tomorrow” logo
Image by author

Happy 2022, friends.

Surviving Tomorrow? There are 16,000 of us now.

Here’s your weekend binge-reading list:

  1. Slavery is bad, right? So here’s a $4+ trillion question: Why Did Coke, Nike, and Apple Oppose the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act?
  2. Speaking of slavery: The Heineken family fortune was founded on slavery. It’s time for reparations.
  3. If…

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