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I’m an award-winning author, PBS documentarian, and cell-free futurist podcaster who’s been published in Esquire, The Guardian, Smithsonian, USA Today, HuffPost, and TIME Magazine. My goal is to be the most insightful writer on the Internet. Thanks for reading and subscribing. …

Humor + Politics

Neither should men

Photo by August de Richelieu

Trigger warning: This article heavily favors democracy.

Look, we’ve all heard the stats:

I tested the theory and it’s surprisingly accurate

Photo by Laura Chouette

Let’s cut the bull$#!t, Millennials.

(And also Gen Alpha, Gen Z, Gen X, and women over sixty. Hi grandma!)

You’re unhappy because you’re addicted to your phone.

I don’t know anyone — anyone — who’s happier now that they’re hooked on screens versus their analog younger years.

Among my friends…

It used to be productive, now it’s just extractive

The New York Stock Exchange facade
Photo by Vlada Karpovich

Let’s face it, the productive American economy is dead.

Rather than producing products and services of real value, corporate America is just a giant shell game of extractivists, a dung pile of rent-seekering skimmers who blood-suck time and wealth from the productive poor while contributing nothing of real value to…

Here’s the day-by-day timeline of events that will make it a reality

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons

November 2020

The president’s lawyer creates a six-step plan for Vice President Mike Pence to overturn the election, called the Eastman Memo.

November 7, 2020

Joseph R. Biden is elected President of the United States.

Pence and enough Republicans decide against executing the Eastman coup d’etat.

Donald Trump’s team begins working to ensure it won’t…

Corporations kill culture — let’s take a look at the cycle

Photo by Dom J

Every Sunday morning for several years, my friends and I used to gather at Locke Street Bakery on Locke Street in Hamilton.

The bagels were amazing.

Literally handmade.

Boiled and fire-baked right before our eyes.

Slathered with homemade cream cheese, smoked salmon, the works.

Served by women in their forties…

The West needs a revival or we’re doomed

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen

[Click here to listen to the podcast version of this article.]

Superpowers aren’t impressive.

Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, Egypt, Britain, Spain, Portugal; they’ve all ruled the world for a time before sliding back to just regular-ol’-nation status.

Now it’s America’s turn.

The United States is going to collapse.

This isn’t a…

I don’t miss it, and I’m richer for it

Image: Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in a pretty little granola town in Ontario, Canada.

For many years, the good folk of our town fought against those corporate invaders from Bentonville, Arkansas, in hopes of protecting our local businesses, consumers, the environment, and democracy.

My childhood mind is imprinted with images of signs…

For billionaires and their minions

Photo by Harrison Haines

Guys, everything is fine.

No wait, it’s not fine — it’s great.

Everything is amazing.

America and the world are more than great again.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a billionaire:

  • The economy is at an all-time high. …

Basically, because the whole country is a giant scam

The $1.8 million Toronto house

Hamilton, Ontario, is a garbage place to live.

  • It’s an ugly industrial town scarred by dying steel mills.
  • It’s likely the most smog-laden cities in the nation, with a dedicated cancer hospital.
  • It’s chock-a-block with traffic and an unbelievable amount of traffic lights.
  • It’s covered in horrid building stock and…

Jared A. Brock

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