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I’m an award-winning author, PBS documentarian, and cell-free futurist who’s been published in Esquire, The Guardian, Smithsonian, USA Today, HuffPost, and TIME Magazine. My goal is to be the most insightful writer on the Internet. Thanks for reading and subscribing. (Newsletter subscribers get a free ebook and my paywalled articles for free.)

My Top 15 Most-Viewed Medium Stories (updated regularly)

  1. Bitcoin and Ethereum Are Dead (And Their Honest Investors Know It)
  2. 100+ Famous Authors and Their Writing Spaces
  3. Facebook Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  4. Instagram Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  5. Here’s How George Clooney Accidentally Made $1 Billion
  6. This Revolutionary App Will Either Destroy Amazon or Make It Unstoppable
  7. Mailchimp Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  8. The One Investment That Pays Me 25+% Per Month Without Fail
  9. A YouTuber with 8+ Billion Views Just Launched a 300-Location Burger Business in One Day
  10. Billionaire Mark Cuban Just Invested in a Game-Changing Startup
  11. Airbnb Is the Next Groupon (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  12. Bitcoin Is a Giant Ponzi Scheme
  13. 90% of the World Is Stuck in a Game They Don’t Want To Play
  14. Jeff Bezos Is the World’s Most Dangerous Politician
  15. How to Take Back Control of Your Life from Addictive Internet Algorithms

And here’s my least-popular post of all time: Here Are 10 Powerful Ways to Fight Anxiety When It Hits Hardest

My Top 10 Personal Favorites

  1. Most important: Want to Be Happier? Repeat This Ancient Four-Word Phrase Every Single Day
  2. Craziest story: The Gift of Excruciating Boredom
  3. Most sobering: Surviving Tomorrow — Navigating Life in the Age of Democratic Destruction, Ecological Collapse, and Economic Irrelevance
  4. Most inspiring: The Monk Who Saved a River
  5. Most liberating: Here are All the Things You’re Supposed to Do Now
  6. Most time to write: 150+ Famous Authors In Their Writing Spaces
  7. Most soul-baring: I Betrayed a Friend’s Trust and It Nearly Destroyed Our Relationship
  8. Cheekiest title: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up Your Bum
  9. Most helpful: How to Read 50 Books Per Year Without Really Trying
  10. Most claps per view: Here’s How I Made $3,427.99 My Very First Month on Medium

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