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  1. Facebook Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  2. Instagram Is Dead (It Just Doesn’t Know It Yet)
  3. Here’s How George Clooney…

Your greatest success is found on the other side of sitting still

My wife after learning to be bored

They’re all going to end up isolated and alone

Vivos Xpoint Doomsday Bunker
  • We’ve got a world exploding with people.
  • We’ve got a warming planet on the verge of ecological collapse.
  • We’ve got an automation-induced joblessness crisis on the horizon.
  1. Profiting from the death spiral.
  2. Preparing for Armageddon.

Otherwise, 3 billion people will end up in slums

Photo: r/UrbanHell
  • Minimum wage hasn’t budged in years.
  • Average wages have stalled compared to skyrocketing real inflation.
  • Rents are increasing rapidly.
  • Real estate is skyrocketing.
  • And debt never stops compounding.

Let’s face it: the economy is rigged and getting worse

Photo by Karolina Grabowska

Game #1

We must ask three fundamental questions of all new technologies

Human micro-chipping, Wikimedia Commons

12 real tips for hitting five figures, with screenshots, based on my experiment

Image credit: FrankSMS

My Promise To You

Where you live changes who you become

Photo by Daniel Xavier

He’s hitting all the right angles like a prize-fighter

  • His movies get a huge boost from his social media teasers.
  • Mint Mobile is growing despite the massive mobile monopolies.
  • He managed to turn a garbage-tasting gin into a $610 million exit.

If you want to get ahead, move ahead

Wikimedia Commons
  • You can work all morning without calls, emails, or interruption.
  • You can publish an article at noon and it’ll hit the North American breakfast crowd and the European lunch rush simultaneously.
  • You can put in a full day’s work and deliver it to your New…

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