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I’m an award-winning author, PBS documentarian, and cell-free futurist podcaster who’s been published in Esquire, The Guardian, Smithsonian, USA Today, HuffPost, and TIME Magazine. My goal is to be the most insightful writer on the Internet. Thanks for reading and subscribing. …

The West needs a revival or we’re doomed

Photo by Matthis Volquardsen

Superpowers aren’t impressive.

Italy, Greece, Ethiopia, Egypt, Britain, Spain, Portugal; they’ve all ruled the world for a time before sliding back to just regular-ol’-nation status.

Now it’s America’s turn.

The United States is going to collapse.

This isn’t a fear-mongering statement.

Just a fact.

Everyone knows it.

Whether in five…

I don’t miss it, and I’m richer for it

Image: Wikimedia Commons

I grew up in a pretty little granola town in Ontario, Canada.

For many years, the good folk of our town fought against those corporate invaders from Bentonville, Arkansas, in hopes of protecting our local businesses, consumers, the environment, and democracy.

My childhood mind is imprinted with images of signs…

For billionaires and their minions

Photo by Harrison Haines

Guys, everything is fine.

No wait, it’s not fine — it’s great.

Everything is amazing.

America and the world are more than great again.

In fact, there’s never been a better time to be a billionaire:

  • The economy is at an all-time high. …

Basically, because the whole country is a giant scam

The $1.8 million Toronto house

Hamilton, Ontario, is a garbage place to live.

  • It’s an ugly industrial town scarred by dying steel mills.
  • It’s likely the most smog-laden cities in the nation, with a dedicated cancer hospital.
  • It’s chock-a-block with traffic and an unbelievable amount of traffic lights.
  • It’s covered in horrid building stock and…

It’s just as awful as you imagine it is

Image source: Euronews

Singapore politicians, you rotten little power-grasping sociopaths.


Why would you unleash a squad of surveillance robots to patrol the streets of your 5.5 million-human island?

Can you even fathom the precedent you’re setting?

Not only are you taking away good jobs from real human police officers, but you’re turning…

Only a delusional corporate sycophant could possibly believe such an insane idea

Photo by

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There is a small but extremely loud cohort of mostly right-wing white males who believe from the bottom of their heart that the best way to structure human society is…

The current money system is terrible, but the new regime won’t save us either

An image of Michael Saylor with Bitcoin lightning coming from his eyes.
Image credit: Michael Saylor

I abhor false dichotomies.

  • Republican vs. Democrat
  • McDonald’s vs. Burger King
  • iPhone vs. Android

(The correct answers are clearly direct democracy, Texas BBQ, and not owning an addictive surveillance device.)

When given two bad options, choose neither.
When given two good options, choose both.

The global economy, if you haven’t…

Reflections on my first 24 hours of fatherhood

A chubby little baby holding its parent’s hands
This is not my child. I don’t even own a cell phone — you think I’m going to post a photo of my son online?!

I’ve wanted to be a dad since I was six years old.

When my little brother Ben was born, my mom used to lay him on my chest every morning while she got ready for the day.

It was during those precious skin-to-skin times that I knew fatherhood was for…

…at making me seriously consider other platforms

My actual stats for the past month

I joined Facebook three weeks after it exited university-only mode.

The first message I ever received was from my now-wife of thirteen years:

What is a “poke?” I don’t get it.

The following year, Michelle and I started a charity to fight human trafficking and began to build a pretty…

Jared A. Brock

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